Originally from New Jersey, Michelle has lived in Connecticut for over 30 years.

In 2010 Michelle and her Husband, Paul were offered a temporary assignment with his company to live in Southeast Asia. So off they went! Michelle spent the first year getting acclimated, learning a new language, making new friends and traveling throughout Asia. In one short year she has been to South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Bali, Australia, China, New Zealand and counting. She was introduced very early on to the beautiful pearls and semi precious stones which are abundant in this part of the world. Since Michelle has always had a great love for fashion and design, it was only natural for her to start designing jewelry. Her use of color, shape texture and materials create her unique designs. Each piece is made by hand and the materials are hand selected by Michelle herself. Her jewelry is being sold throughout the United States. You will find a design for every taste and if there is a particular color pallet you desire, she can accommodate special requests. Due to the nature of natural materials, each piece is an original which only adds to the individuality.

Michelle presently resides in Sydney, Australia. She hopes to continue creating fabulous designs for you to enjoy!

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